“A man’s gift makes room for him,
And brings him before great men (Proverbs 18:16).”

The Inconsequential Person

If you have ever been made to feel inconsequential this message is for you.

“Let’s talk about the person who doesn’t seem to matter. This person may not have status, money, sex-appeal or fame. By societal standards they are deemed inconsequential.

This person is not invisible, they are rather painfully ignored.
Mislabeled. Misjudged. Written-off. […]”

Why “No” is my new favorite word for 2021.

Are you so busy being busy, you don’t have time to work on your heavenly assignment? Do you not have time for God because you are occupied with menial tasks? If so, “No” may need to be your new favorite word for 2021 also. Some assignments are time sensitive. God is calling you to be an answer.

My last partner made over 1 million a year. Here’s what I learned:

1. As a relationship without God is a struggle, a relationship without God will not work for me. 2. Values matter. When he told me, “I make over a million a year.” I looked him dead-in-the-eye and flatly said “and?” “I’m set to make two [million] next year,” he continued to flash his feathers, “IContinue reading “My last partner made over 1 million a year. Here’s what I learned:”

My body is not a commodity.

Have you allowed others to exploit you? Did they convince you to sell out?

“My body is a temple. A sacred place few, if any, will ever be permitted to enter. Who I am cannot be bought. I will no longer trade precious pieces of my existence for things that only exist in this world- for tangible things.

There was a time, before I discovered the love of Christ, where my answer…”

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