The Inconsequential Person

Listen to this song as you read.

Let’s talk about the person who doesn’t seem to matter. This person may not have status, money, sex-appeal or fame. By societal standards they are deemed inconsequential.

This person is not invisible, they are rather painfully ignored.
Mislabeled. Misjudged. Written-off.

How someone treats you when they think you are inconsequential speaks volumes on their character. Does this person treat you like an equal or do this person belittle you? Do they ghost you and/or not respect you? Do they treat you like you are not a priority or as if you have no value? What happens when this person realizes all the value you possess and attempts to salvage the destruction they have caused. Do you forgive them and let them back in or do you move on?

I ask so many questions because I want you to think of a time when you were made to feel like the inconsequential party- how did it feel? On the flipside when you were in a position of power did you treat other people with the same love and respect you would want extended to you?

This blog post title is misleading because the idea of an inconsequential person is a fallacy, just as much as it is a problem. We all matter. The world would be at peace if it reflected this ideology; there would be no need for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement or my divine purpose.

We all have a divine purpose and were put on this earth to solve a problem.

So, in this post I am going to break down the psychology behind why others treat people this way, how the inconsequential person feels, and how we can show them they matter.

When you treat others as inconsequential, you are operating from a place of lack.

Whether it be due to low self-esteem or lack of resources, putting others down to feel better about ourselves happen when we feel our status is threatened; and at one point or another we have all been made to feel less than.

Why do people trivialize your experience?

Lack of understanding or down-wards social comparison leads to this phenomenon.

Children are often made to feel inconsequential.

Highlighted are all the parts of me
You try to quiet
The parts you do not want to see
The parts that makes my enemies afraid of me
Makes me a threat to your substantial existence 
You're worried about me?
As if we aren't a part of something so much bigger

In Christ, one comes to understand just how much we all truly matter. The world is struggling because there are some who believe in the fallacy, and others who feel their existence is trivialized.

How can we show this person they matter?

I think of how Jesus treated the woman at the well, a social outcast- a person deemed inconsequential by society. He treated her with value by acknowledging her and treating her like an equal. We can learn from Christ on how to love our neighbor. When we love God and love others along the way we find love for ourselves.

Stop allowing someone who does not see your worth treat you as if you do not have value.

Remember you are dearly loved.

As always- stay blessed,


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