Why “No” is my new favorite word for 2021.

Saying “no” can give you more time for God because you are not focused on distractions. You can focus on your heavenly assignment.

There is just not enough time in the day to say “Yes” to everything and complete all tasks. Here’s where boundaries come in.

Listen to this as you read.

Time boundaries refer to how a person uses their time. To have healthy time boundaries, a person must set aside enough time for various facets of their lives such as work, relationships, and hobbies. Time boundaries are violated when another person demands too much of another’s time” (Betterhelp.com).

If you are like me, you have multiple things competing for your attention. Your phone probably looks like:

For some, your mind looks like this too. You are overwhelmed. Through prayer we can gain clarity. It is okay to give a temporary no, so that you may speak to God. I can guarantee you are more likely to regret a decision you made hastily or under pressure.
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Before I ignored my own feelings. I tried to make everyone else happy, and because I put them before me, they stomped all over my house with their dirty feet (bad intentions). Now, I am left cleaning up their messes and I am exhausted. In 2021, I am inspecting feet before I invite them in. I say feet because, shoes are masks that hide what’s underneath.

Being a Christian does not mean being a push over. God’s presence in my life actually helped me to set healthier boundaries, as I no longer jump into things without talking to him first. God wants what is best for you.

The discernment (wisdom) of the holy spirit encourages me to stand up for my boundaries.

My psychologist friend told me, to identify where your boundaries are ask yourself: “How does this make me feel? Uncomfortable or comfortable?” So that is the secular way to do it.

I am saying “no” because I have spent too much time on distractions, things that left me unfulfilled because they were not in line with my divine purpose. My goal for 2021 is to be available to answer when God calls.

Your calling = An answer.

There is someone pleading, begging God, “Please God, please God, answer my prayer.” And it is not that he does not hear this person, instead He is talking to you- the answer. He is calling you. You were born to be a problem solver.
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There are opportunities that are time sensitive. Can that book really wait? Do you really have time to not start that business of yours?

Have you received multiple confirmations from people asking you “When are you going to write a book?” or “You should write a book” or “I had a dream you were an author” It may sound different, but all these people are confirming the same thing God already told you.

Some of us say “yes” to things we know are not important in order to avoid very important work, divine work.

Your calling, may just be someone else’s answer.
Moses was the answer for the Israelites asking for deliverance from slavery. Esther was the answer for the Jews, as she saved their lives after the king decreed to kill them.

“For many are called, few are chosen”

Matthew 22:14

Busy Being Busy?

Some of us are so distracted preparing for God we are not taking time to speak with God, and how can you know God if you do not speak to him? There was a moment when I was so consumed with preparing for God to move through DivinePurpose Blog, I stopped working on a promise I made to him at the alter. I would pray and we would talk, but I selectively listened. I did not want to work on my assignment.

Procrastination is because of a spirit of fear. There is no need to fear “if” something will work out, when God has already said “yes.”

As always- stay blessed,


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