My body is not a commodity.

Have you been pimped out?

Listen to this as you read.

No, you cannot fly me out.
No, I will not sleep with you to jumpstart my career.
No, I will not shake my ass, so you can spend some ca$h.

My body is a temple. A sacred place few, if any, will ever be permitted to enter. Who I am cannot be bought. I will no longer trade precious pieces of my existence for things that only exist in this world- for tangible things.

There was a time, before I discovered the love of Christ, where my answer was “yes.”

Where I let others set the price on my worth. Where I was willing to trade my peace. Where I stayed quiet when it came to myself, yet with great irony, simultaneously advocated for the rights of others.

Before I gave into my divine purpose I was lost and confused. Because I did not know where to draw the line, I allowed “my friends” and “mentors” to pimp me out. They wanted me for my gifts, time, love- you name it- but they did not want me for me.
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I listened to advice from women who were okay with trading their essence. These women believed this was the only way for them to get power, when really they were giving it away. I called these women my mentors. I trusted them to have my best intentions in mind. They showed me the ways of the world. They showed me how to be inauthentic.

A divine purpose allows you to be true to yourself.

In moments like this the phrase “If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive” plays on a loud loop in my mind.

When we do things that violate our self-worth this leads to low self-esteem. It is impossible to be at peace when we feel unworthy.
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When we give up our peace, when we give up pieces of our soul, we become restless.

And there’s only one cure for that…

As always- stay blessed,


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