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Abundance= [((Us + (+God)) = (Identity x Purpose x Hope x Love x Joy))]

I spent all of 2019 asking “who am I?” and in 2020, God said “if you want to know who you are, you need to start asking “Who I am? In me, you will find your identity, your purpose, your hope, love, and joy.” Believe it or not these are all connected. When we find one, we find them all.

If your soul is restless, God is where you will find peace. In God we will find fulfillment. Many of us have an empty feeling. You know what I am talking about. That feeling that goes to the depths of your soul. Makes you not want to live anymore, because the pain is too much to cope.

In attempt to fill this hole you may use casual sex, food, superficial power, shopping and materialistic things- all things of the world- but the only way to fill this hole is to be fulfilled by God.

I describe VickianaPoetry.com as a place you can find peace, because here you will find God.
The phrase:

If your soul is restless this is where you can go to find peace

came to me in a dream when I was restless, when I too felt empty.

I am a born again Christian. Immediately after giving my life to God- as an adult- I felt peace and love like never before. However, because I was still holding onto things and people from my past, my soul became restless once more. I was scared to fully trust God. Trusting God is the best decision I have ever made. He purified my life with fire; by throwing out the things that tied me to my life before Christ, removing people from my life not in line with God’s plan for me- he set me FREE. God is so good. On DivinePurpose Blog I will show you how God changed me. I am not special, you too can find your divine purpose, you can find love, peace, hope and joy.

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